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Life Expectancy of an Inductive Sensor

Posted by David Rubinski on Tue, Nov 25, 2014

What is the working life expectancy of an inductive sensor?

In practical terms, the life expectancy of an inductive sensor is indefinite. This conclusion is based on the operation of the sensor within the specification rating of the product with some margin for improved lifetime usage.

If the sensor is operated at room temperature without the effects of shock, vibration, temperature fluctuations, power supply spikes, or exposure to moisture, the sensor will outlive our life expectancies and may in fact never fail.

For instance, if the sensor is operated at room temperature, 24 VDC supply, and no temperature changes, the sensor may last a lifetime and never fail. This longevity is because the sensor is being operated well within the range of the components used to design the product.

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Ask an Expert Industrial Sensors - Episode 6

Posted by John Appleson on Wed, Nov 19, 2014

This episode of Ask an Expert for industrial sensors examines and provides answers to interesting sensing questions we've received from customers just like you. We explore and answer these questions:

1. I'm looking for an ultrasonic distance sensor to beam a signal to the top of a heavy steel column on an elevator (6 meters height). The column base might have some slack jerk. Can fog, gas, vapor, or loud noises affect the ultrasonic sensor?

2. I need updated software to program UC3000 ultrasonic sensors. Is there an update that will allow us to set up these sensors in a Windows 7 program?

3. I would like an ultrasonic sensor that can reliably detect falling objects in a harsh environment (mining operation). We are trying to set off an alarm when there is rock-fall.

4. I have an RFID controller IC-KP-B17-AIDA1 with 4 read heads. We are hooking them up to a 24 VDC power supply and need to know what size/type of fuse to put on the incoming side?

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Connecting Field Devices to a Type X Purge System

Posted by Chris Romano on Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Pepperl+Fuchs' 6000 Series Type X purge system has a new intrinsically safe termination board and cable harness kit that makes it much easier to wire field devices to the 6000 Series purge system. The kit includes an IS termination board that is DIN-rail mounted, and a wire harness that can be ordered in three different lengths. Custom lengths are also available. The video below shows you what's in the kit and the steps to take to connect it properly.

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High-Capacity RFID Tags

Posted by Tim Cicerchi on Thu, Nov 06, 2014

Industrial RFID systems are composed of a read head, controller, and transponder.  The transponders, or tags, are used to carry information from one process to another.  The RFID tags could require a fixed pallet number that is programmed once, a fixed unique identifier that can’t be written such as a license plate, or a large database of information that describes everything about a specific part or manufacturing process.  This post focuses on high-capacity tag databases.

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Ultrasonic Thru-Beam Sensors: Cutting through the Haze

Posted by Patricia Stafford on Thu, Oct 30, 2014

What are ultrasonic thru-beam sensors?

Ultrasonic thru-beam sensors always come in pairs consisting of a dedicated emitter and a dedicated receiver. The evaluation and switching output electronics are located in the receiver. Using Teach-in or a potentiometer, you can adjust the receiver sensitivity for different distances between the emitter and receiver, or for different object sizes.

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5500 Series Ex pz Purge System with Optional Manifold

Posted by Chris Romano on Tue, Oct 21, 2014

Part 3- optional manifold systems and mounting kits

The 5500 series is a Z Purge System and an Ex pz Purge System. Part 3 focuses on optional manifold systems to provide you with purging and pressurization. A mounting kit is also available, to allow the manifold system to be mounted inside or outside of the enclosure.

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3 Myths About Industrial Sensors

Posted by Amanda Blakeman on Wed, Oct 15, 2014

Everyone has their own idea of what an industrial sensor is and what it does.  But you might be surprised at how many of these ideas are inaccurate.  Here are several misconceptions about industrial sensors:

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5500 Series Type Z Purge Control System with Pressure Relief Vent

Posted by Chris Romano on Thu, Oct 09, 2014

Part 2- The pressure relief vent

The 5500 series is a Z purge system and Ex pz purge system. Part 2 of this product introduction gives an overview of the pressure relief vent and associated components for the vent system.

These type Z purge units are certified for ATEX, IECex, NEC class/divisions - Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2, groups A-D and E, F, G, Zone 2 and 22.

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Tags: Purge/ Pressurization Systems

Rotary Encoders are Everywhere!

Posted by Nick Ferguson on Wed, Oct 01, 2014

Have you ever entered an elevator and realized that the elevator cart was not level with the floor? Have you ever seen a conveyor system at the airport? What about measuring revolutions per minute or the actual CNC or robot position? What do all of these have in common? Rotary encoders!

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5500 Series Type Z Purge Control System for Division 2 or Zone 2

Posted by Chris Romano on Thu, Sep 25, 2014

Part 1- The control system, mounting components, and hardware

The 5500 series is our new Z purge system and Ex pz purge system. Part 1 of this product introduction takes a close look at the type Z purge control system and its mounting components and hardware.

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